Menos mal que nadie escucha lo que pienso.

Ask me anything   "Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring."


It’s almost like the stars would give us the light we need instead of the light we make ourselves

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Put this on your blog. Our Queens are perfection.


Put this on your blog. Our Queens are perfection.

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Because I love my mother!


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"I wish people could just say how they feel like ‘Hey I really don’t like when you do that to me’ or ‘Hey I’m in love with you’ or ‘Hi I really miss you and I think about you all the time’ without sounding desperate. Why can’t everyone be painfully honest and just save people the trouble."
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I want to kiss her.

Not because I want to feel the softness of her fair lips or the warmth of her breath as she exhales against me.

I want to kiss her because I can’t think of any other way to fully express the beauty that she is. I want her to know that I see her as perfect. That she is perfect.

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we put all our faith into a website that isn’t even spelled correctly

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"The fact that I am writing to you in English already falsifies what I wanted to tell you. My subject: how to explain to you that I don’t belong to English though I belong nowhere else" -Gustavo Pérez Firmat

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